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 OOH Spreads the Message

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​​​​​​​​​The Dumb Thing We Do That Blows Up in Our Face​

​Using OOH to Spread the Message About Texting and Driving

Tampa 3-D Billboard

​​​Posted: June 2nd 2016 By: Eddy Herty, National Creative Director

It pretty much goes without saying, no one likes to be called dumb… for that matter, ignorant, foolish or stupid. On the flip side, we all do dumb things. Not once or twice… at times we habitually do du​mb things. Who doesn’t call someone the wrong name, perhaps you’ve butt dialed “David M.” ten times in two days. Or maybe you picked up the wrong key to the wrong hotel room on the first night of your honeymoon… okay, the last one I’m probably alone on. The point is, we all do somewhat “dumb things” throughout our life. For the most part, these are all things that impact us in a way that may be miserable or awkward at first, but over time become ​laughable situations. 


Then there’s the “dumb things” we do that have no excuse other than being, for lack of a better word, selfish. The things we do that put others in compromising situations, at times literally changing their lives forever. The scariest thing is, we’ve all done “it”. Not once, not twice… some of us do it habitually. In fact *16,141 deaths have been attributed to doing one particular “dumb thing”. AND, **the insurance industry spends $43 billion every year in damage costs for that exact same “dumb thing”. 


When it comes to putting other peoples’ lives in danger, is there really any room to be polite about it… aren’t we all done with people saying “please don’t” with such serious matters? How about we call it out for what it is… Dummies Text & Drive… sometimes, those “dummies”… (which again, at times include all of us & the ones we love)… text and die. Just to be perfectly clear on this… we’re not talking about car accidents. Accidents aren’t intentional. We are talking about car crashes… something that could be avoided. There are some of us that choose to intentionally roll the dice with our lives, and the lives of those around us in the name of instant gratification and selfishness. For what? To share a picture or LMAO? Are we seriously okay with possibly ending someone else’s life for that? That’s not just dumb, that’s straight up murder. Sorry if that’s a bit intense or hard to hear, but so is finding out you’ve lost a loved one for… well, because someone was doing a “dumb thing”. ​


To communicate the above OUTFRONT Media will be posting the nation's first, all-in-one 3D inflatable billboard in Tampa, Florida. It serves as a visual reminder of the seriousness of our actions. Using a 3D dummy head, physically breaking the plane (in this case, windshield) of the billboard, there is little room to misinterpret the seriousness of this message. Thanks to the partnership with Circle Graphics (Leith El-Hassan) and Soft Signs (Eddy Carolan) and OUTFRONT Studios, the insurance, auto and phone industries will have a new, more engaging and literally out front way to communicate the dangers of this one particularly “dumb thing” that we, as a country do. Hopefully, the more people are confronted with a direct message that potentially could impact their lives, and or th​e lives of their loved ones, the less likely we’ll be to do a “dumb thing”.

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