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​​​​​MOOHBILE: Combination of OOH Mobile

​​​​​Out of Home and Mobile’s Future

Legend of Zelda Billboard and GeoFencing Ad

​​​Posted: April 13th 2016 By: Jodi Sen​ese,​ EVP, CMO

The combination of OOH and mobile is a conversation we've been having for twenty years. In 1996, we engaged a company called Streetbeam that worked with infrared devices installed in 'street furniture' (think: urban panels) and 'hand shaked' with early version mobile devices (think: Palm Pilots.)  The process was clunky, device ownership extremely limited, and use case scenarios were weak.  Regardless, the idea of mobile devices as an extension of a consumer's OOH media experience was born and the journey to find the perfect mousetrap had begun.

Fast forward twenty years. Mobile ownership is ubiquitous, geofencing allows precise location targeting, and apps enable delivered impressions.  With mobile advertising's impressive growth and percent of the overall ad market, we also have a snapshot of some average benchmark expectations, of click though (CTR) and secondary action rates (SAR) from mobile based advertising.


The premise of outdoor combining with mobile today is so simple and so easy, it's no wonder advertisers, especially local advertisers, are adopting into this new marriage.  The outdoor component garners the attention; it is a big, bold canvas, it's omnipresent and frankly, it's impossible to miss. But more importantly, in combination with mobile, it does something else.  It 'primes'.  That means it builds familiarity for a brand or message with a consumer, and when that occurs, he or she is 48%[1] more likely to respond to a mobile ad.

The location in which the mobile message is delivered is up to the advertiser.  Near the outdoor display? Around the advertisers' store or business? Near their competitor's business? We even spoke to a gym and suggested they geo-fence fast food chains! The opportunities to creatively engage using location and targeting people WHEN your offer is relevant, is open ended.

The mobile ads are embedded in apps, which means the impressions are delivered. The general view-ability issues of 'bots' and non delivery do not apply here.  And the results speak for themselves.  CTR & SAR rates significantly above benchmark in advertiser categories across a broad spectrum: education, retails, automotive dealerships, restaurants, jewelers, and more. 


We have developed a library of case studies and have a team at the ready - including best in class creatives and designers - to take you through the process, so what are you waiting for?

[1] Ocean, Neuro Insight, April 2015

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