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 Millennial Voting

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​​​​​​​​​​Register. Educate. Vote.​

​​​Posted: September 22nd​ 2016 By: ​Elizabeth Rave,​ Senior National Marketing Manager

Have you heard that we need to elect a new president in November? Cue a constant, often heated, topic of conversation around the dinner table, water cooler, commute, basically everywhere. The 2016 election marks the most controversial candidates Americans have had to choose from, ensuring th​at brands will continue to align with voter registration. And who are the brands focusing on? Millennials of course! This is not without good reason. The Millennial audience segment now accounts for 25% of the US population and is in control of $200Billion in spending power. Millennials are also known to have short attention spans and to demand instant gratification from brands and media outlets. This creates a very large, influential . . . and picky voting segment.


Just this week, I have noticed brands like theSkimm, Starbucks, as well as Out-of-Home Advertising urging everyone, especially Millennials, to get out and vote.


TheS​kimm, a daily email newsletter, is avidly promoting a “No Excuses” campaign.
theSkimm – Message Aligns with a Reliable Information Source

TheS​kimm, a daily email newsletter, is avidly promoting a “No Excuses” campaign. This aims to educate their subscribers (mostly Millennials) on the candidates, the issues, the key questions, and where and when to vote. In an unbiased fashion, theSkimm delivers important information on each of the candidate’s stances on the issues. This allows for a snackable intake of pertinent information to make an educated decision come Election Day. You can tell simply by the tone, that theSkimm was written for and by Millennials. This cohesion makes it more appealing, and perhaps more effective, in getting the desired ​​result— registrants and voters. Partnering with Rock The Vote, theSkimm provides a steady reminder and resource to register. Here’s hoping that frequency promotes action amongst Millennials.







Starbucks – Message from a Trusted and Frequently Visited BrandSta​rbucks​ ​released new coffee cup sleeves in conjunction with Upstander and TurboVote.

Sta​rbucks​ ​released new coffee cup sleeves in conjunction with Upstander and TurboVote. The sleeve offers a call to action to “inspire change” by visiting turbovote.org. Similar to theSkimm’s strategy, TurboVote aims at seamlessly providing information for people to register and vote. Specifically, they link to easy registration directly from their website. Once registered, TurboVote will send you one early remind​​​er that the election is approaching (either by text or email) and one on the day of . . . ensuring that its registrants have no opportunity to forget. Every aspect of this campaign screams Millennial to me. To start, a constant reminder on my coffee (infiltrate my habitual nature), add a call to action via a website (please don’t make me talk to anyone) and end with a text reminder (like I said, NEVER call me). It is genius and I bet it works.










OAAA​, launched a national campaign depicting that no matter what “label” you identify yourself withOut-of-Home—Message Where Millennials Spend the Most Time​


​A key out-of-home industry association, the OAAA​, launched a national campaign depicting that no matter what “label” you identify yourself with, the only one that counts on Election Day is “VOTER.” Out of home media is a mass reach media, allowing it to literally reach every type of voter. The OAAA’s thousands of creative executions, each speaking to a different audience segment, match its diverse reach. What is exceptionally cool about this execution is the ability to relate to its environment. For example, take the image on the left. A digital sign above Starbucks reading “Beard- Growing, Americano Sipping, Anti-Wall, Voter.” Perfection. Again, we s​ee a website call to action. Similar to the other brands, the OAAA offers registration directly on their website. They also allow voters to share a customized label on their social networks. Sharing, social, personalized you say? All I hear is Millennial.


As you can see, there is a consistency of messaging throughout the three brands… it doesn’t matter who you are or what you align with, there is no excuse – ensure you’re registered, educate yourself on the issues, and get out and VOTE.


P.S. If you read this whole blog and still are not registered, register ​here​​ and get it done. “Rule #76: No excuses, VOTE like a champion.”​


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