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​​​​​​What it means to be OUTFRONT

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​​​Posted: November 17th 2016 By: Ashley Thomas,​ Digital Communications Coordinator

It’s just over a year since we launched our company’s intranet and which has become our central portal for communication.  I moved from the sales team to work as the Digital Communications Coordinator (read: steward of everything inside OUT), a position that I am proud to say has taught me quite a bit about the internal workings of a corporation. In this role, I’ve been able to showcase all of the external recognition that we’ve received and show our employees that their hard work is appreciated. Being able to take the intranet from its beginning stages and growing it into a place to showcase our employees has been incredibly rewarding.


Working in OOH over the last few years has pushed me to notice great campaigns at every turn. I’m not just talking about billboards on the highway or subway car cards on my way to work, I’m noticing advertisements behind fictional characters on television shows and gettin​g excited about seeing celebrities standing in front of our inventory on their social media accounts. As someone who loves social media and always wants our brand at the forefront of people’s minds, it’s exciting! I’m mostly excited because I know the hard work that it takes behind the scenes to make those advertisements happen. 


Thanks to this position, I’ve been able to get to know OUTFRONT employees and what it means to “Be OUTFRONT” on a day to day basis. I’ve been able to professionally work with employees from different departments and markets, get to know them personally and find out what’s important to them. As I say goodbye and prepare to take on a new role in a new industry, I’m grateful to be able to reflect and review my time here and express my hopes for the future.​​


Our employees work hard and still dedicate time to community outreach, interoffice bonding, and celebrating life’s moments. It’s been a pleasure being able to showcase those moments on our intranet. There has been such a drive to give back that I can only highlight a few of the things in which we’ve been involved. In the last year, our employees launched OUTreach OUTFRONT, participated in Red Nose Day, and helped children in their area get ready to go back to school. I know that there is more to come and I’m glad to have been able to cover it all.


In addition to covering outreach efforts, it’s been great to be able to hear our employees’ feedback and grow our internal site. I’ve worked to make it easier to find materials and organizational tools that our employees use on a daily basis. I remember being nervous to take on a new position but excited for the challenge to see whether I was capable of fulfilling it. It was easier to take the position knowing that the end goal was to help the people working hard day in and day out. 


It has been my priority to make the intranet our employees’ go-to source for information on a company-wide and local level, I’ve also wanted our employees to have fun with our site, celebrate goals achieved and give kudos where they were due. Making the intranet a go-to resource has been a rewarding challenge and it’s been great to hear questions around the office go from, “Where can I find” to “I looked on the intranet and I found”. Watching our employees have fun with the site and enthusiastically vote in talent competitions and Halloween costume contests has been marvelous. I’ve loved being able to tie the professional to the personal and see our employees run with it. 


Looking forward to the future of the site, I hope that employees will be even more involved with our intranet, and it provides them a place to more easily collaborate on projects. I hope that it becomes a place where everyone can get to know each other and better understand the people they sit next to on a daily basis. Being able to facilitate understanding and a recognition of similarities amongst us is one of the biggest goals of our intranet, it starts with “Being OUTFRONT” and branches off into something much bigger.


It’s been a privilege to take a blank canvas and run with it while working with a great team for the wonderful people at OUTFRONT. I so appreciate the opportunity and will carry the experiences with me always.​​

​-Ashley Thomas​

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