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 Earth Day

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​​​​​​​​Your Commute will be a "Walk in the Park" this Earth Day

​​​​​​​​Digital Platforms deliver a change of scenery

Earth Day Digital Billboard

​​​Posted: April 22nd 2016 By: Carly Zipp​,​ Communications and Events Director

Just 20 minutes outside of Manhattan lies an urban oasis, home to 250 acres of gardens, flowers and beautiful views. Visitors who step through the gates of the New York Botanical Garden may find the​mselves slowing their pace, drawing a deep breath, and momentarily casting aside their city blinders, accustomed to sky-blocking office buildings and bright lights.


The desire to stop and smell the roses obviously isn’t exclusive to NYC straphangers. This Earth Day, OUTFRONT Media has partnered with NYBG to bring the beauty of the gardens to nearly 150 OUTFRONT digital platforms,​​ delivering a change of scenery for millions of commuters around the country. Across Philadelphia, Orlando, Kansas City, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago​ and beyond, images from the Botanical Garden will be shown in dazzling detail on our OUTFRONT displays, paired with copy encouraging passersby to stay grounded amidst the distractions of their busy, on-the-go lives. In a fast-paced, mobile world, it’s easy to forget about the world outside our virtual vision. Today, we hope to remind commuters to look up and “get back to their roots” with beautiful imagery from the NYBG on full display. 


As a company always looking toward the future, we want to ensure nature is still on display for generations to come. To that end, OUTFRONT Media is com​mitted​ to being an environmentally responsible company, developing and continuously improving sustainable practices. We recycle and source materials and products to support this approach: used Polyethylene (PE) product is recycled, and used Polyvinylchloride (PVC) product is most often re-purposed for coverings and tarps. We’ve also replaced existing light fixtures (metal halide, fluorescent) on our displays with energy-efficient LED units. 


We encourage you to find time today to step away from your normal path, and pay some attention to your favorite natural vistas. From coast to coast, no matter your locale, we can all benefit from a breath of fresh air.

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