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 Cannes From The Classroom

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​​​​​​​​Highlights​ from the Cannes Young Lions Academy​

Cannes Young Lions Students

​​​Posted: July 12th 2016 By: Elizabeth Rave,​ Senior National Marketing Manager

When a person mentions Cannes, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a classroom. However, the Cannes Young Lions’ Media Academy placed 41 young professionals, from all verticals of the advertising industry, into just that for a week. What happened was growth, collaboration, creativity, and rejuvenation. Placing a group of people, within the same age bracket, brings about an instant sense of collaboration, ease and likeness. However, when there is a distinct variety in experiences, expertise and thought processing it sparks great conversation and innovative thinking. Add in 20 C-level executives and you have enough content for a year’s worth of discussions. The exposure to new information and ideas came not only from our esteemed presenters, but through the questions posed and theories examined in and out of the classroom. Through this career altering week, three quotes stood out to me (I will keep them anonymous per our speakers (secrets are fun!)).


1. "Good storytelling is just data with a soul": 

In the world of digital ​and programmatic we have access to more data than ever imagined. However, it is important to remember that this is just ONE tool within the expansive toolbox. It is now a crucial foundation for planning and developing hypotheses, but must be paired with the human element. People remember stories, not f​acts. A consistent theme throughout the industry is the marriage of art and science. The best campaigns are created from the insights that data gives us, but address fundamental human emotions through great art.


2. "Months to Moments": 

This quote encapsulates the breadth of a successful advertising campaign. In order to be effective, a brand needs to master the balance of being timeless but also timely. A seamless execution of this is having a consistent brand presence in the market, driving top of the funnel attributes like awareness, opinion and consideration. Then include a dynamic element that relates to either the environment, current events, or specific data triggers. This is especially important for legacy companies. Celebrated for their trust, voice, and consistent brand attributes, they are already awarded by being household names. To stay relevant, it is necessary for them to insert the brand to the ever changing conversation, paying mind to tone and appropriateness. With the correct balance, the brand is both timeless and timely.


​ 3. "Collaboration is innovation at speed" & "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together": 

Partnerships were a consistent theme throughout the week. We already know that media works best when it is paired with other media (OUTFRONT loves to boast its synergy with mobile​). However, it is interesting to see that companies across the spectrum are partnering up. With a traditional company, the goal is discovering new distribution channels to communicate with the mobile consumer. For example, Hearst’s channel on Snapchat. For the newer companies, it is all about curating the best content and seeking partnerships provide authentic content. Seems more like companies are sticking to what they know best and outsourcing the missing pieces. 


The advertising world is not as simple as it used to be (or so I hear). To me, this is exciting. There are new opportunities and tools to get a brand’s message across in a meaningful and timely way.

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