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​​​​​​​​​Yale's Fine Arts Program Partners with OUTFRONT

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Out of Home as a Work of Art

Yale Fine Arts Billboard Exhibition

​​​Posted: May 11th 2016 By: Malcolm Little, ​​Marketing Coordinator

​Earlier this year, the Yale Graphic Design Masters of Fine Art’s class approached OUTFRONT Media to help execute their thesis and exhibition idea centered on​ the medium of billboards. The presence of OOH within the local market caught their attention, and served as inspiration for a way to express their creativity in their final exposition.


The students’ combined thesis project was focused on the challenge of adapting their elevated design skills ​and concepts to the commercial world, utilizing billboards as a constrained creative medium. Not intended to “sell” anything, each of the 18 graduates did both a digital ​bulletin​ design and similar creative adaption that was printed on an eco-poster for the gallery.


​To promote the week-long exhibition and final show, the #YGDMFA16​ Yale Fine Arts students utilized a very simple branded digital design and one bulletin. The students also showcased all of their digital designs on OUTFRONT digital bulletins to the community in the weeks before and during the show. Through this process of creative development, adaptation, and exhibition, students became more consciously aware of the omnipresence and communicative power that OOH holds, with one of the graduat​e students even stating, “I don't even have a car but still feel like I am mentally collecting billboards.” Check out some of the campaign and gallery photos below! Learn more at morem​ore.co​.



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