2022 Advertising Trends Report

We've leveraged our industry expertise and resources to create our 2022 Advertising Trends Report. Complete with three core sections, Consumer Trends, Media Trends, and OOH Trends, this report gives you the knowledge needed to connect with consumers in these uncertain times.

As the most visible media platform in the U.S. reaching 70% of the national population weekly, OUTFRONT is powered by audiences*. As our day-to-day routines change and the media ecosystem rapidly evolves, out of home remains woven into our communities, creating impact where it matters.

Now is a critical moment of opportunity for advertisers. Because while consumer spending remains ever in flux, purpose is here to stay as a critical decision factor. Brands must effectively communicate their purpose to succeed, but it’s getting more difficult to reach consumers via digital advertising or linear television. Fortunately, out of home is more trusted, more noticed, and more impactful than ever.


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