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 OUTFRONT Mobile Network Geo-Fencing     
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A geofence is a virtual perimeter for real-world geographic areas, and can be dynamically generated. It can be a predefined set of boundaries, like a radius around an advertiser location or out of home ad.

Geofencing advertising activates mobile content to a series of apps/mobile website based on pre-defined coordinates.

Advertisers have the opportunity to combine the impact of OOH at a specific location with precise mobile targeting at that same location that can be delivered to a variety of audience segmentations.

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QSR Franchisee

Quick Service Restaurants

sky zone trampoline park creative out of home advertising
Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Travel and Tourism, Local Businesses

out of home and mobile advertising alexandria dermatology
Alexandria Dermatology

Healthcare & Providers

Baxter Avenue Morgue Mobile Network Advertising
Baxter Avenue Morgue


BWI on bus exterior in D.C.

Travel and Tourism

Claris Health Billetin, taillight, and mobile advertising
Claris Health

Healthcare & Providers, Local Businesses

Cupid Undie Run Billboard
Cupid's Undie Run

Charity, Public Service

DC department of health out of home and mobile advertising bus shelter
DC Department of Health

Healthcare & Providers

Empire Paratransit Mobile Geofencing Case Study
Empire Paratransit

Travel and Tourism


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