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 Marketing Affiliation

LSU Athletics marketing affiliation advertising

Marketing Affiliation

LSU Sports Properties offers official status and unique ownership opportunities at on-campus events such as in-game and on-site promotions, promotional giveaways/sweepstakes, and on-site marketing activations. Co-branded partnerships are also available that can further tie your brand closely to the LSU Athletics brand.

LSU Sports Properties

N. Stadium Dr. at Nicholson Dr. Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Phone: 225.578.7049

Fax: 2​25.578.6565

  • Ward Wyatt | General Manager​Phone: 225.578.7169Email: wyatt@lsu.edu
  • Matt Shanklin | General Business Manager Phone: 225.578.7290 Email: shanklin@lsu.edu ​
  • L​ance Burgos | Assistant General Manager - SalesPhone: 225.578.7291Email: lburgos@lsu.edu
  • Kevin Burke | Director of SalesPhone: 225.578.2056Email: burke@l
  • su.edu

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