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 GA - Atlanta

​Atlanta Billboards, MARTA Advertising & M​ore

 Bus advertising in Atlanta Let's Connect!

More than a city, Atlanta serves as "the hub of the south east" and hosts the region's biggest events.  It's called "home" by some of​ the nation's leading companies. Living in a market that is widely spread out, many of these residents commute into the heart of the city every day. 

With OUTFRONT Media, you can reach the masses of people on these roads, as well as those who use MARTA to avoid the congestion, at a time when they are "out and about" and more likely to act on your messaging. Make sure your brand is top-of-mind with OUTFRONT Media advertising solutions.

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Technology Products and Services

Whitlock Avenue Dental

Healthcare & Providers

Walk-In Weaves

Local Businesses

TNT-The Last Ship


Georgia Tech

Education and Schools

Atlanta Hawks


Printing & Production

Shipping Address and Production Specs

Billboard Shipping:

3745 Atlanta Industrial Drive
Atlanta, GA 30331-1094
Ph: (404) 699-1499

Transit Shipping:

J. Perez Associates (Attn: Patrice Dixon)
3715 Atlanta Industrial Pkwy Suite M
Atlanta, GA 30331

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Sales Representatives

Doug Penner

General Manager

(404) 699-1499

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Lee Bolton

Transit/Street Furniture

(404) 699-1499

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