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 Street Furniture

​​​Connect with pedestrians and vehicular traffic alike!

Staples Center transit shelter in Los Angeles Let's Connect!

Street Furniture enables advertising​ that connects with consumers on ​an intimate, face-to-face level. Options such as bench advertising ​and bus shelter advertisi​ng​ provide impact to a mass vehicular and pedestrian audience. Whether providing broad-based coverage in many markets or targeted to a single neighborhood, Street Furniture advertising is as perfect for high-end fashion and entertainment as it is for packaged goods.

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Los Angeles Transit Shelter
Transit Shelters

Following bus routes and penetrating densely populated neighborhoods, transit shelters deliver mass exposures and can be targeted to reach a specific audience.

Urban Panels

Positioned on top of subway entrances, Urban Panels are the most dominant and vibrant street-level displays in New York City.

Digital Urban Panels

Positioned on subway entrances, Digital Urban Panels are the most noticeable street outdoor advertising in New York and reach 2.5 million people every day.


Located on primary streets in high-profile areas, kiosks target areas where minimal advertising exists.

Bike Share

Bike share stations deliver advertisers a unique and impactful opportunity on premium street level displays.

Jello on metro lights in Chicago
Metro Lights

Our metro light panel coverage penetrates the downtown and center city regions - reaching these educated, affluent professionals.

Phone Kiosks

Phone kiosks are located in downtown districts, busy thoroughfares and neighborhoods.

Loft on CityLites in Minneapolis

As the exclusive provider of skyway advertising in Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Mall of America, and Rochester, CityLites are perfectly positioned to target specific areas within Minneapolis.


Offer a wide canvas for ads to deliver street level impact as well as the creative opportunity brought about by consumer interaction with the ad.

AMC Theatre Media

With various media formats available, advertising on AMC theater media allows advertisers to target a receptive entertainment consumer in a fun and highly trafficked environment.

Adidas on Los Angeles Parking Garage Media
Parking Garage Media

Parking garage signage is available in LA’s most affluent and trendy areas such as Santa Monica, Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

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